Where: Critzman's Auto Body, On the Square, Galesville, WI
(Thanks to Critzman's for their hospitality and warm shelter!)


When: Saturday, October 6, Rides beginning at 9 am


How can I register? Click HERE to go to the registration page


Who can participate?  Anyone!!  We've got routes and distances designed for the novice as well as those veteran pedalers looking for a more challenging end to the biking season.  


What is the schedule?  Final registration, packet pick up, and check-in will run from 8 am to 12 noon on Saturday, October 6.  Note:  All riders must check in prior to the ride for a wristband.  Participants will be released in 3 escorted waves - 9, 9:15 & 9:30 am.   Riders may begin sooner than 9 and later than 9:30, but will NOT be escorted out.  Rest Stops will remain open from 9 am - 2 pm, so come ride and enjoy!


What are the distances?  

  • 6 mile Around the Town Tour - This tour takes riders on a leisurely ride around the town of Galesville with a few stops along the way.  Visit Old Main and take in some of the student's art work, then head to Sunset Gardens for a little treat before heading back to the square.
  • 18 Mile Orchard Tour - Bikers will delight in a ride and rest stops at Fergusons and Sacia's Apple Orchards.  This is a relatively flat and smooth route with one challenging hill at mile 14.
  • 37 mile Prairie Tour - Riders head south on a flat, smooth, tree lined route that leads to the Mississippi, then through Perrot State Park, onto Elmaro Vineyard & merges onto the Orchard tour where you'll head back to the Galesville Square for a well deserved rest. 
  • 55 mile Autumn Hills Aplenty Tour - Riders start out on the Orchard Tour, a relatively flat route with stops at both Ferguson's and Sacia's Apple Orchards.  Continue going North on a 30 mile loop that will thrill with roads that curve, rise and fall for a challenging yet rewarding route. 
  • 75 mile Prairie to Hills Tour - Riders begin their tour on the prairie for a flat, smooth ride that heads along the Mississippi, through Perrot State Park, onto Elmaro Vineyard, and leads into the Orchard Tour loop from here, riders head north onto the Autumn Hills loop for some challenging elevation and it finally returns to the square after a fabulous and well-earned 75 miles.

Pick your challenge and Ride On! As you view the maps, you'll see that there are many loops allowing for you to mix and match as you go to create the perfect distance for your day. Detailed, printed maps will be available at the start of the Tour.


Should I do anything leading up to the ride?  Take this great opportunity to ensure your 2 wheeled trusty steed is in good working order.  This includes making sure tires are pumped, and your brakes are in good working order (trust us, they might be well used on some of the routes).  If you need some assistance with this, be sure to check out the kind folks at River Trail Cycles in Onalaska.  They are a great group of folks, ready to get you off to a safe start!! Not from around and need a ride for the day? They RENT BIKES! Yup, you can grab a loaner for the day and enjoy the beauty of Trempealeau County.


Can I register day of?  Absolutely!  Registration will be available from 8 am until 12 noon on the morning of the tour. 


Are my children 13 & under really free?  You bet!!!  We want to encourage the young ones in our lives to get up, get out and get active, so kids 13 & under are FREE!  They must be registered, and must be riding with an adult, but this is a perfect opportunity to have a fun ride with the entire family!


What is included with my registration fee?  Beautiful, well-marked routes, detailed maps, and an excellent variety of snacks and refreshments at the rest stops!  Short and long sleeve t-shirts are available for an additional fee (see registration page for all the details).  Food and business specials will be available for purchase on the square and at the Apple Affair grounds (at the Trempealeau County Fairgrounds).


Bag drop!  Don't worry about heading back to your vehicle to drop off your goodies, we will have a bag drop for your belongings at Critzman Auto Body.  This bag drop will be available from 8 am - 3 pm.


Is this a tour or a race?  This event is most certainly a tour!  We want you to get out and explore the beautiful routes the area has to offer!  Take in the beautiful scenery, check out the apple orchards, fuel up at the rest stops, and pedal your way back to the Galesville square!  We'll be ready to welcome you back home!  


Must I complete the route in a specified amount of time?  No.  Volunteers (the awesome rest stop folks) will be on duty until 2 pm, and your friends here at Communities Off n' Funning will be back at home base (Critzman Auto Body) until 3 pm.  You needn't be back by then, so no need to rush.  If you're enjoying yourselves, keep having a great time!  If you miss us, we hope you had a great ride!   


Can you fill me in on rest stops?  Rest stops will be available on all routes, and give riders the chance to rest, refuel, meet up with other bikers, and simply enjoy the surroundings.  Rest stop food items will vary per stop and may include items such as: 

  • Gatorade, water, cider, hot cocoa
  • Apples, bananas, grapes, raisins
  • Homemade apple muffins, homemade apple donuts, bagels, granola bars, animal crackers, gold fish crackers
  • Homemade apple goodies, cookies, gummy worms
  • Trail mix, pretzels, chips 
  • Cheese, peanuts, soup, bread
  • Christmas cookies!

Rest stops will be clearly marked on your maps and be available from 9 am - 2 pm.


What about weather?  Naturally, we will do EVERYTHING in our power to hold the event; unfortunately, it’s not always in our power. Weather and other unexpected events could possibly force the cancellation of the event. Your safety is our number one priority! There will be no refunds or credits. The Apple Affair Bike Ride will not save any money if you do not participate. All supplies and services for the event have already been paid for regardless of the outcome. Thank you for your understanding.


Will you supply me with a map?  Of course we will!  Maps are available by clicking on the "route maps" tab on the sidebar, and detailed printed maps will be available the morning of the tour.  


Will you have a sag wagon?  Because the route is so extensive and covers so much area, we will not have a sag wagon patrolling the route.  We will; however, supply you with a phone number for breakdowns and emergencies, so be sure to bring along a cell phone.  Just let us know where you are and we'll send someone out for you.    


Do I need extra cash?  The tour itself will not require that you bring any extra cash; however, you will want some extra spending money if you plan on purchasing anything at the orchards, Elmaro Vineyard, or at the Apple Affair festivities (like apple pie) once your ride has finished.


Can I purchase shirts at same day registration?   A limited supply of shirts and sizes may be available the morning of the event.  To ensure yourself a shirt, register by Sept 28.


What should I bring?  You, your bike (please ensure your brakes are in good working order), a helmet (this is required), cell phone in case of emergencies, your friends, and any cash you might like to spend.


Should I do anything to prepare before the tour?  It would be great if you got your bike in good working order, and your helmet matched to your head!  You can do this by visiting River Trail Cycles in Onalaska.  They are great folks more than willing to keep you safe and riding on!    


Where and when should I pick up my packet?  Packets, wristbands, and final registration will be available on Saturday, October 6th from 8 am until 12 noon at Critzman's Auto Body in Galesville, WI.


Will there be a staggered start?  Riders will be released in 3 escorted waves - 9, 9:15, and 9:30 am.  Riders may leave before 9 and after 9:30 but will NOT be escorted out.  Riders may register and leave up until 12 noon.



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