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It's you, a teammate, a couple of bikes,
one map and one mission:
To seek and find as many checkpoints as possible before time expires!


Location:  Elmaro Vineyard, Trempealeau, WI


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Chase Trempealeau is a cycle, hike and seek event for all ages and abilities! Whether cross training, competing, or simply out for a cruise, it's the perfect challenge for everyone. It's up to you how many checkpoints you visit. You can collect them in any order and you can collect as few or as many as you'd like.


(If you're in it for the race) To be the team that finishes with the most points collected within the time allowed, OR (If you're in it for the fun) to find the best route that fits your teams abilities and have one heck of a great time proving to yourselves that you're good at findin' stuff. Competitive* and Funning Divisions* available!


You will have three hours to seek and find as many checkpoints as you can. Checkpoints will be in a variety of locations and each checkpoint will have a point value assigned to it based upon distance and difficulty to achieve. Maps and participants will be released onto the course at 9 am. Time expires at 12 noon. You MUST be back at Elmaro's by noon. No, your bike won't become a pumpkin after that, but you will lose points and valuable relaxation time! (See the all-important "Rewards" below).


Tunes, pasta and wine-ing begin at 10:30. Yes, as part of your wonderful experience, enjoy a pasta lunch, and a complementary glass of wine (for ye participants of age), or lemonade (for ye participants a little too young), all while wearing your brand new Chase performance t-shirt.




Prizes awarded for the top three Competitive Division teams that collect the most amount of points within the time allowed. In other words, if winning is something you're looking for, be prepared to work up a wee little sweat!  All Funning Division teams will be put into a random drawing for some awesome goody baskets. 


ckgoIn support of Families and Communities Off n’ Funning’s Community Kids Gettin’ Out’ initiative, youth 13 or younger are free to play (you will be charged for the pasta dinner). See the registration page for more details.

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