Come to the Dark Side...we have pizza!
The Twisted Maze Run - After Hours! 


WHERE: At Hidden Trails Corn Maze , W4704 Hwy 16, West Salem, WI
WHEN: Friday Night, September 13, 2019, beginning at 8:30 p.m.
HOW CAN I REGISTER: Click here to go to the registration page!
Online registration closes 8:00 pm Thursday Sep 12.




    • Who can participate? Anyone that feels the need to run/walk approximately 2.ish miles (3.5K) through a corn field! Hey, we understand, why wouldn't you want to do it?!
    • OK, Obvious question, how will I SEE?!  OOO, this is a good question. Every participant is REQUIRED to bring a flashlight of some kind. It will be very dark in there. We DO NOT recommend that you use your phone for light. (one too many stories of broken screens!)
    • Can I register night of? ABSOLUTELY!!  Same day registrations will be accepted from 7:30 - 8:15 PM Friday night.
    • I have a youth 13 years or younger who would like to run, is it true they are free?!  Yup! Let's get those youth up, out and active - youth 13 and under may participate FREE with a registered adult. There is a maximum of one 13 and under youth allowed FREE per registered adult.  Additional youth are welcome for a nominal fee.  All youth must be registered.  You must register either online or by mail. 
    • I have registered my youth - am I required to run with them?  Of course you are welcome to line up with your youngster however, you will not be required to. Age is relative - YOU know better than anyone if your child is of such an age and responsibility to enter the maze without your direct supervision. We do humbly request that you gather them up at the completion of their run as exiting cars can present a danger in the dark!
    • What comes with the run? A GREAT TIME, a short sleeve t-shirt (where applicable), one slice of pizza, one soda, and 1 official race number (in seasonal fall colors), PLUS 4 highly polished, pointed steel wires- precision designed to avert tragic number mishaps and losses while out on the course (yes, safety pins).
    • What is the route like? Well, DARK! OK, and as you can see on the route map (during the day), it is THROUGH the corn maze, so while most of the trails are marked and clean, some are more rugged than others, all paths have an absurd amount of turns.
    • Can I run/walk with my friend? Absolutely!! The more the merrier! To run/walk with a friend, just group yourselves with the same estimated finish time. If one of you is a tad quicker, you'll enter in at the slower of the two times. 
    • Is this event timed? No, this event will not be timed, this one's for the fun of it! If you would like to know your time, we encourage you to wear your running watch!
    • Will there be awards for the night run? No, there will be no awards. Fun, fun, fun remember?!
    • Can we pass along the way? Yup, but CAREFULLY! Be courteous to the other participants!
    • How long will it take me to finish? This depends on how fast you can turn.
    • Will I get lost?? NO WAY. Can't follow a map?? Neither can we! For your benefit and ours, there will be only one way to go. What does that mean for you? No getting lost, no dropping of bread crumbs and no getting harped on to ask for directions! Aren't we great?!
    • What if I do go off the marked route? Well, we'd really like to come back so we really must respect the property we are on. If it is reported that you are acting unruly, and going off the marked course, you will be asked to leave without finishing, or the finishers goodies.
    • Can I bring a stroller? Sorry, strollers are NOT allowed at the night run.
    • What if its raining or bad weather? Guess you're gonna get wet! Come prepared. Overly wet/muddy conditions will require we cancel the event. It gets slipperier than a greased pig out there! This will be determined race night.
    • What should I wear? Weather dependant of course, but we suggest running/walking shoes (you gotta protect the ankles), and maybe something you don't mind getting a little dirty, depending on how close you plan on getting to the corn!


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