WHERE: Elmaro Vineyard, N14756 Delaney Rd. Trempealeau, WI 54661


WHEN: Sunday, June 14, 2020.


*HOW CAN I REGISTER: Click on the "Register Now" buttons on the left side bar, or use the "Sign Me Up" tab on the left menu.
*Registration CLOSES Thursday June 11, 11:59 pm, or when full.*


More stuff if you wonder:


What is my mission and how does it work?

Your mission will be to seek out Checkpoints indicated on a map and collect as many points as possible before the three hour time limit on the course expires.

Each checkpoint will have a point-value assigned to it based upon difficulty and activity (bike/hike/other). The harder to achieve, the higher the point-value a checkpoint may be worth. Which checkpoints you choose to visit and which roads you choose to get to those checkpoints will be entirely up to you and your teammate.


Think of it as a scavenger hunt of sorts. Checkpoints are placed within a radius of the finish (Elmaro's) and you have 3 hours to find as many as possible.


Anyone can win! What will your strategy be? 


The steps:
1) We provide you with a map showing the location of checkpoints and a card to record your checkpoints. Once at the checkpoint, you will either need to mark your card as proof that you were there, or complete a question/task.


2) After completing a checkpoint, you move on to the next, and the next, until you have either found/completed all necessary checkpoints or are nearing the cutoff time. REMEMBER: you MUST BE BACK at the finish line table located at Elmaro Vineyard by noon, so plan accordingly. Arrive after the curfew and we start stealing your points.


3) Be one of the top three point collectors in the Competitive division and earn a team award! 



Strategies will differ, recall that it is a timed hunt, and checkpoints are placed at varying distances from the finish. Only you can weigh the difficulty against what the checkpoint is worth!


If you are looking for a casual ride with great exercise, beautiful scenery and camaraderie, take a look at how far you can currently ride within 3 hours. Subtract a little from that if you think you might choose to hike to a point or two and you will have a pretty good idea how far you will ride. Again, it is choice.


After a few hours, if you are tired, just head back home! Will you win an award? Maybe, but aggressive seekers out for the full time might take on more points. Additionally, if you choose to stay out past the 3 hour limit because you are having a great time – wonderful! Just remember, points are taken off for being late and we do wrap up at 2 pm.


What do I need to bring? Your teammate would be a good place to start. You'll also need:

  • Bike - some routes do lead you to gravel roads/trails. Choose your route or bike (tire) accordingly.
  • Helmet (REQUIRED)
  • Proper clothing - we will go rain, shine, cold, warm, partly cloudy, mostly sunny...
  • Water bottle(s).
  • Any food you'd like to eat while on the course findin' stuff (give a hoot, don't pollute)
  • Shoes - remember you will be getting on and off your bike a lot. You may not want bike shoes that clip to pedals for this one. Or carry a spare pair for hiking.
  • A way to carry your map - shirt pocket, back of shorts, map board (not necessary but we thought we'd share)
  • Camera - Be that your cell phone or an actual camera, you'll want to have one of those handy.
  • Cell Phone - we will provide a contact number for you in the event of minor troubles.
  • Watch or some other way of telling time. (Cell phones work great for this!!)
  • Additional cash - not required but needed if you are interested in purchasing items from Elmaro or anywhere along the route.
  • YOUR LICENSE! If you're of age and you'd like to wine, you must bring the proper ID!
  • Please note: The Great River State Bike Trail does run in the vicinity. No checkpoints will be placed along the trail; however, if you choose to use this trail, you MUST possess a bike pass. These are NOT included in your registration fee.


What is the timeline?

Pick up
Start Time* Finish Time Post race party
8 - 8:45 am   9:00 am  12:00 pm 10:30 am - 2 pm
*Start times indicated are when we release the course map.  
You'll want to be fully ready by then!
Nope, no one gets to see the map until the given time. 
Except us - we get to see it and no we're not telling.


How can I register? You can register online or on paper. Click HERE to go to the registration page.  Registrations are limited, so don't wait!


Where is packet pick up? Packet pick up will take place the day of the event (see above) at Elmaro's Vineyard, N14756 Delaney Rd. Trempealeau, WI 54661. We advise you arrive early if you'd like to have your bike checked for safety and to allow for time to park and transfer yourselves and your stuff to the start.


Can our teams be more than two participants? Only if you are in the Funning Divison.  All Competitive Division teams MUST consist of 2 participants.


Do you have a recommended age to participate? Well, this is kinda on you. If you're really, really, really old like our ahhh..parents...(oops, sorry mom). Ok, seriously, age is relative and you're a better judge than we. You are probably asking about youth though, right? Here's the deal & you decide: the route & distance traveled is up to you. The checkpoints will be placed over distances ranging from 2-20ish miles and on trails of varying distance and difficulty. The goal is to get as many checkpoints as possible in the three hour time frame or until you get tired of looking. Will you win if you just reach a few checkpoints? I suppose stranger things have happened, but probably not. Can you still have a great time? You bet. We want everyone to get out and experience the beauty our area has to offer. SO old or young, all are welcome.


Are there age limits to the teammates? No matter which division you choose, there is just one restriction: at least one teammate must be 16 years or older. This is for your safety. Please keep in mind, we will have no set route and therefore no course marshals on the course. Everyone will be responsible for following all traffic laws. At least one participant must have the ability to read a map.


Do I have to register a child 13 and under?
You MUST register them (the simple $3 bucks gets them the meal too!).  You may purchase a t-shirt at registration if you wish.  If your team consists of more than two people, you will be placed in the Funning Division.


What is the difference between the Competitive and Funning Divisions?
Competitive Divison teams MUST consist of a 2-person team.  There are 1st-3rd place awards for this division.  The Funning Division is for the non-competitive, just for fun folks. No awards are given in this division; however, all Funning Division teams will be put into a random drawing for some awesome goody baskets.  Any team consisting of more than 2 people, will be placed in the Funning division.


Does our team have to stay together throughout the course? YES, teams must remain together at all times. Deviations from this rule will result in disqualification.


Is there a marked route? No, we will supply you with a map of the area, and reflect all of the checkpoints, but there will be no marked route - you choose where to go and how you will get there.


Will we be supplied a map or do I have to bring my own? We will supply a map for each team.


What exactly am I looking for? On the course, you will find special Chase markers. Each time you see those markers, you will know you've hit the right spot. They will not be hidden. Don't know about you, but we have a hard enough time reading a map much less finding hidden markers.


Will I get lost? You'll have a map. We highly recommend you don't lose it.


Will there be a sag wagon? Since we have no defined route, there will be no on-course sag wagon. We will supply you with a phone number to call. If you need some limited assistance, a support vehicle will be available to come and get you, so long as you can tell us where you are! So, don't forget your cell phone and again - don't lose your map. Note, some major repairs are simply impossible to fix with the limited equipment and tools. A catastrophic failure will result in a kind ride back to Elmaro's to drown your sorrows in pasta and wine.


You said food, wine and music?!?!? Absolutely! We will supply each participant with a pasta lunch and glass of wine (for all ye of 21+), and lemonade for the rest of ya, because we believe Chase Trempealeau is a great reason to wine! We thank Elmaro Vineyard for their hospitality!!


Will I be able to purchase more wine if I so choose? Elmaro will be open for business during our event. They have great wine and an awesome atmosphere, feel free to taste, and purchase. Hungry for more? Cheese platters will also be available for purchase from Elmaro.


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