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Gettin' Out Informed:
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition -  Publish original research studies relevant to human and clinical nutrition.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Lifestyle
 information and tools for a healthy lifestyle. Useful and up-to-date information and tools provided by a team of medical information and tools for a healthy lifestyle. experts from the Mayo Clinic.


Balance Your 7 by Gundersen Lutheran - A rich resource of information, ideas and inspiration to help you recognize and take charge of 7 dimensions of wellness - body, community, feelings, mind, relationships, spirit and work.

Live Well Winona - A hub of local community information, programs and healthy activities. Connect with Live Well for healthy information, articles, calendar of events and ways to get out and get involved with the community.

CDC: An online source for credible health information. This is the official Web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It contains the


 latest information on nutrition, fitness and health.


Healthy Children, Healthy Living: A site backed by 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being. Check it out for information on youth nutrition, fitness, sports and more!


Stacying Active:  An Exercise Guide for Kids:  A great resource for all your needs!  Links for parents and teachers, to fitness pages for kids, a great games and activities list, and government initiatives!  (Thank you, Stacy for passing this link along.)   

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Gettin' Out (local) Places:
Parks & Trails:

Hixon Forest Park: Visit Hixon Forest in La Crosse, WI for a park filled with trails, hills, beautiful vistas and quiet corners. Great for hiking, running, cross country skiing, biking, bird watching...

Outdoor Recreation Alliance: Located in La Crosse WI on top of the bluffs overlooking the coulee region. The trails are open for all types of human powered shared use from the hiker to the biker to the birder and much more.

Perrot Park: Located in Trempealeau WI, a beautiful state park with lots of hiking trails, camping, biking, fishing and much, much more for you outdoor enthusiasts.

Plowline Trail / Cherry Hill Trails: Located in Winona, MN this 7 mile trail system is approved for all nonmotorized uses (hiking, horseback riding, biking...). Several overlooks make this a very senic path and the generally flat to rolling terrain is appealing for many recreational endeavours.

McGilvary Trail: Holmen WI. Though this is a shorter hike, only 3.6 round trip if you go to the end of the bridges, it is certainly entertaining. Great bridges to break up the hike as you go and nice flat terrian for many abilities.

The 400, Elroy-Sparta,La Crosse River and Great River Trails: Great options no matter where in the region you start. This series of 'rails-to-trails' extends for over 100 miles. What a trail to have in our backyard! (here's a pdf map of 'em all) *trail pass is required

Root River State Bike Trail: A PAVED biking trail running 60 miles from Houston MN to Fountain MN. High accessibility and popular for hiking, biking, skiing and inline skating.

Active Places:

The Y: There are great facilities available locally and nation wide. Check 'em out for programs, information and challenges.

Winona Health Healthy Kids Club: With various fun, educational, ongoing resourses throughout the year for kids 6- 11 years old, check it out for the lastest of 3 special events offered free to kids and their families.

poolusaswimming.org: Nope, not a local link but definetly great information about swimming and the benefits of telling someone to 'go jump in a lake'! We encourage you to search locally and find the perfect spot to cool off and play awhile.

Parks & Recreation: What? This isn't a link?! Well, no, but it is a suggestion. Many local (no matter where you live) towns have wonderful year long park and rec programs with offerings for youth and adults. A quick search of your town or one near by will reveal a whole host of exciting opportunities.

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Gettin' Out Activities:

Not a calendar of events but rather a resourse for everyday out activities! Some are links, some just suggestions. The key is to find what gets you motivated to get up, out and active. With a little research, you'll be on your way to some great fun!


Archery: Check out a few in our area. Looking for more? A quick trip to the phone book or world wide web will reveal tons of resources to you! Black Hawk Archers (La Crosse), Trempealeau Archers (Trempealeau) , Arrows in the Square (Holmen)

Paintball: Get a run in and ignite that adrenaline. It's a great way to get out your wiggles! Hidden Valley Paintball (Ettrick), Arrows in the Square (Holmen). Back80 (Winona, Rushford), Shenanigans (La Crosse, WI).


Roller Skating: This one is inside and perfect for those cold, cloudy or rainy days. Nothing like a cruise around the rink for some thigh burning play. Check out High Roller Skating (La Crosse) for local fun.

Eagle Bluff: An environmental learning center located in Lanesboro, MN. They strive to provide inspiring experiences with overnight programs, High Ropes Courses(!) and outdoor skills classes. (Lanesboro also boasts a lovely biking trail and the versitile Root River for boating or tubing.)

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Gettin' Out Inspired:
Kaboom! Want to check out some awesome play spaces for inspiration? This is a great site to view some fun play places and read a bit about the importance of that little thing called PLAY!

PlayDay! An organization highlighting the importance of play for kids (and adults!) This "day of play" can be big or small but always filled with fun stuff. Check out the photos, stories and ideas they may spark a little play in your day.


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Gettin' Out Well Fed:

Nutrition.gov: Want to up your nutrition knowledge? This is the site for you. You'll gain a ton of information regarding nutrition and all things related to it!

The Nutrition Portal: It's nutrition's equivilant to jumping down the rabbit hole! Hop into this site for links to all things nutrition. Find popular sites, government sites, nonprofit sites - you name it, it's there.

All Recipes (all the time!): Searching for some culinary inspiration? With thousands of recipes to choose from you're sure to cook up something fabulous in your kitchen tonight!

Gettin' Out Well Read:

lastchildinwoodsLast Child in the Woods – Richard Louv: explores the need to keep nature in the lives of kids and adults and discusses the link between the lack of nature, our overly wired society and some of our most disturbing childhood trends. (for more information on this topic you can check out No Child Left Inside)


The New England Journal of Medicine: Tuck your pencil behind your ear. Know all those medical stories Ruetuer’s pulls out for mass release to newspapers and reporters?? You can find many of them here and in a lot more detail (authors, who funded the study, population, etc) than the newspaper column or 10 second on air report could ever serve up.


SPARK, John Ratey, MD: takes you on an inspiring journey, detailing the connection between exercise and the brain. You'll never look at your morning routine the same way again!





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